Griff Hamlin is an extremely talented guitarist, vocalist,  songwriter and bandleader all in one. At the age of 36 he has had a career spanning almost 30 years in the world of music and having success all the way through, Griff Hamlin has created a special place for himself  with his undying passion for music. Simply watching his fingers move on the guitar and hearing him perform is a real delight. With over 200 concerts a year to his credit, Griff Hamlin is a musician whose versatility is evident by how comfortable he is with different genres of music ranging from the Blues, Rock, Jazz, Classic and Country.

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Griff Hamlin began his career at a very young age while he was at high school. It all began with private gigs in the Boston, MA area and taking private lessons. In the year 1989, he moved on to  Orange County, CA where in addition to taking private lessons he moved on to more serious music and made use of all the golden opportunities that came  his way. In the year 1998, he joined the reputable  USC Thornton School of Music where he could brush up on his skills and also got to interact with the likes of Frank Potenza, Joe Diorio and Steve Trovato.

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Griff Hamlin who currently lives in Corona with this wife Laura and three children is a legendary musician with vision and a passion that makes his music so very beautiful. He has to his credit  two beautiful solo albums. The first album in the year 2000 is a lovely collection of original blues/rock numbers and won him the Orange County music award nomination in the category of the “Best Blues”. The year 2004 saw the release of his second album which is a recording of the live concert in Krosno, Poland.

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Griff Hamlin’s reputation in the world of music is known from the statement made by noted classical guitarist Eric Henderson wherein he referred to Griff as the “greatest electric guitarist in the world”. With a number of demo recordings, two European tours to promote his music, power packed performances for the US troops in Italy, Korea and Turkey all add to the enriching musical experience of this wonderful guitarist. Griff has been performing at Disneyland for almost 10 years now and has to his name several performances for corporate giants like Toyota, ABC Television, Maleluca, Sunrider to name a few.

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