Guitar Instruction – start right at the beginning

Blues Guitar Instruction – start right at the beginning
If the beauty of the Blues has left you mesmerized, then here is your chance to pick up the guitar and create magic. Blues has been a popular genre of music for a long time now and continues to rule the hearts of many. A guitar beginner if you have been in awe of all those blues giants like Stevie Ray Vaughan and BB King then this is providing you with a comprehensive Blues guitar instruction that teaches you everything from holding the guitar to playing all those favorites.

Take A Look At Blues Guitar Instruction Here!

If you are a beginner or have mastered a few chords, this one is for you. Learning from an expert always has its own advantages. When you train under an expert then you learn it the right way from the very word go. Learning the right style and the right practices is very important for this is what would take you ahead and help you with your pursuits with the guitar. Griff Hamlin is a great guitarist himself and has designed this beautiful and interesting set of beginner guitar lessons so that you have fun pursuing your passion. With over 200 concerts a year to his credit, this amazing guitarist will have you falling in love with his style and music in no time. A talented and versatile musician; he has expertise in varied genres of music ranging from the blues, rocks, country, jazz and the classic. A freelance guitarist, bandleader, vocalist and songwriter; he truly has magic in his fingers.

Take A Look At Blues Guitar Instruction Here!

The beginner guitar lessons are the best way to get started. With special attention to the basics and making it interesting by eliminating the paperwork, this is where you would enjoy making music. The blues guitar instruction course unlike other courses does not make it monotonous or boring for you with loads of unattractive steps. Your time is not wasted with trying to get you to read music and cram boring theory.
You begin with the instrument and learn how to make your way to mastering the Blues. You would learn everything from holding the guitar to playing the blues. Everything is done in the best way possible and is backed by years of experience and expertise. Music is one that you must enjoy and everything here is aimed at making it fun and helping you to master the nuances of playing the Blues.

The course material includes a comprehensive set of 3 blues guitar DVD, a CD and also a bonus DVD
The bonus DVD helps you learn all the basics to get started right. Everything from holding the guitar right to changing the strings and all else that you will need is included. This is a course that is aimed at making it a pleasurable experience for every beginner. A wonderful learning experience, the Blues guitar instruction course would have you hooked on right from the beginning. The program is one that focuses on developing all the skills that you need to master the Blues. An organized and planned approach that enables the beginner to learn at the right pace, it is highly simplified to make it easy for the beginner to pick up the basics. With expert help by your side, you have a guide who would take you along on the right path, holding your hand firmly all the way.

Take A Look At Blues Guitar Instruction Here!


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