Guitar Riffs – Starting to Play Blues Guitar

I’ve loved blues music since I was a kid. There’s something in that genre of music that makes blues guitar riffs the absolute best music to my ears. Ever since I was old enough to hold a guitar, I’ve been strumming chords and playing guitar riffs by ear. I guess that was the only way I could really play the music – by ear.

But that also meant that I couldn’t play the more inventive blues guitar music by legends like BB King and Eric Clapton. That’s when I knew I had to learn to read sheet music if I was going to get any better at my favorite music. So when I got a bit older I started to attend music lessons so I could understand musical notes.

Griff Hamlin’s Blues Guitar Riffs

I must say that at first I found it all a bit mind boggling trying to memorize the notes and the chords. I had to know the difference between an E major and a D minor. In time though, and with plenty of practice, I got to understand sheet music pretty well and didn’t need to really play by ear anymore.

Blues guitar riffs became very easy to play once I got to know about the blues videos by Griff Hamlin. His style of teaching is unlike anything I’ve ever come across before. His videos are clear and precise. You can hear everything he has to say as he plays blues guitar and it’s riveting. I could follow the instructions with ease and found myself learning some pretty neat solo tunes.

Griff Hamlin’s Blues Guitar Riffs

In my younger days, the tunes I tried playing were blues guitar riffs I heard and played by ear. With the sheet music that’s available online, playing on the porch, like Hamlin says, is a breeze. I watch the sun go down over the horizon as I strum the guitar and play beautiful solo music that livens me up to no end.

The other day, a couple of buddies of mine came over for a beer. There I was with my guitar on the porch and playing blues guitar riffs. It wasn’t a sight they were expecting, believe me. But when they heard the music that came out of my guitar, I can tell you right now that they were more than amazed. They just stood there listening. Bill got the beer from the fridge and joined the rest of us on the porch. And I entertained them with my skill that I’m pretty proud of, seeing as I learned most of it from Hamlin!

I think my buddies and I must have been outside a good couple of hours because I got really hungry after a bit. We got into Bill’s truck and went over to the diner – with my guitar in tow. As we waited for our order to be served, I started playing some blues guitar riffs. Nothing was on the jukebox so, you know what, everyone there started turning around to see who I was. Got me a ready audience right there and then! I think I’ll be playing blues guitar riffs for a long time and thanks to Hamlin!

Griff Hamlin’s Blues Guitar Riffs



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