Learn How To Play 12 Bar Blues Guitar

How To Play 12 Bar Blues Guitar

Learn How To Play 12 Bar Blues Guitar – Lots of people who are utterly in love with the blues guitar are frequent listeners of some of the world’s most popular 12 bar blues like “Red House”, “ Sweet Home Chicago”, “Pride and Joy”, and countless other blues songs that thrive on using the impinging charm of the 12 bar form. What most wanna-be blue players aren’t aware of is the fact that two other great blues forms are also great for you to choose for blues guitars music.

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These are the 8 bar blues and the 16 bar blues.
All of the forms use just three chords, and roman numerals are used to figure them. The first chord, called the I chord, is usually a dominant seventh type of chord that is built from the first note in the major scale. The three primary chords that you need to familiarize yourself with are G7, C7, and D7.

The 12 bar blues, as you already know, comprise s 12 measures with the expression ‘bar’ referring to a measure. In this context, the first bar always refers to the I chord. The second bar is either the I chord again, or it can be ‘ quick change’ blues, which would be the IV chord. Bars 3 and 4 comprise I chord again. Bars 5 and 6 will be IV chord, and so it goes.

To stop yourself from getting burned out with these chords pertaining to 12 bar blues, just repeat the name of the chord while you are playing it so that your brain memorizes and stores it away, this chord detail. You can then practice switching from one chord to another and then figure out the chord details to file away carefully in your brains memory.

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The main cause why most beginners experience difficulty in switching chords promptly can be sited by the movements that are useless in the hand movements. So from now on, make it a point to study your fingers when you are changing from chord to chord.

More likely if you are conscious of your finger movements, you would be able to plan how each finger should move to play a chord. You would gradually begin to see this in your minds eye how the chord shapes up and how you intend to switch chords next while your fingers move.

Learn How To Play 12 Bar Blues Guitar

You should pay close attention to any minor movements of your fingers and this conscious effort would definitely bring in a marked improvement in the way you play.

recall, the famous song “Key to the Highway” is 8 bar blues, that begins with I chord and the V chord is Bar 2 while IV chords relate to the Bars 3 and 4.

Learn How To Play 12 Bar Blues Guitar. playing the chords for a tune isn’t as important as getting in a laid back groove and feeling comfortable to experiment with more rhythms that can be invented for the same tune. Once you pierce the veil of fear, you will enjoy the freedom to improvise on what you’ve heard before and with this your songs will sound better than ever.

Learn How To Play 12 Bar Blues Guitar


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