How to Use the Diminished Whole-Tone Scale in Jazz Improvisation


A great way to alter a dominant harmony in jazz is by using the diminished whole-tone scale. This scale is a combination of a diminished scale and a whole-tone scale. The scale is spelled out: 1/2 whole 1/2 whole whole whole whole (steps). Notice the first half of the scale is diminished and the second half is whole-tone.

There is a much easier way to form this scale. In reality the diminished whole-tone scale is the 7th mode of melodic minor. First let’s take a look at all of our minor scales. We define the minor sound as having a b3. Remember the 6th mode- Aeolian. This is another name for Natural minor. If I compare a Natural minor scale to a Major scale the spelling is: 1 2 b3 4 5 b6 b7 8. (We call it b3 b6 and b7). Natural minor has two different variations. The first variation is called Harmonic minor. Compared to major it is spelled: 1 2 b3 4 5 b6 7 8. (We call it b3 b6) The second variation is called Melodic minor. It is spelled: 1 2 b3 4 5 6 7 8. (We call it b3). It should also be noted that the melodic minor scale is b3 on the way up, and on the way down it changes back to a natural minor (b3 b6 b7). We only care about the way UP. The other minor scale we have is Dorian which is spelled: 1 2 b3 4 5 6 b7 8. (We call this b3 b7).

I mentioned that it is the 7th mode of melodic minor. Let’s look at a C melodic minor scale. C D Eb F G A B C. If we look at the 7th note (B) and go up 1/2 step (to C) we can figure out the key we are playing in. This is the exact same method we used to play modes based on a major scale. A diminished whole-tone scale is really just starting on the 7th note of a melodic minor then going to the 8th note (or 1st note) and continuing to play until I get back to the 7th note. B diminished whole-tone is then played like this: start on B, then go up 1/2 step (to C) and now play C melodic minor!

To sum it up: to form a diminished whole-tone, start on the note (whatever it is you are trying to play diminished whole-tone on) go up a 1/2 step and follow melodic minor. Let’s say I want to play an F# diminished whole-tone scale. I start on F#, go up a 1/2 step to G, and now play G melodic minor. (Remember that melodic minor is really just a major scale with a b3). Here is the F# diminished whole-tone: F# G A Bb C D E F#. The Chord symbol for a Diminished whole-tone scale is G7#9. It might also appear as: G7alt. Another name that it goes by is the Super Locrian. The actual chord contains a b7 #9, b9, #4 and #5. The basic chord compared to major is spelled: 1 3 #5 b7 #9. This is a very tense chord. It offers a lot of tension and a great release when used. As with the other altered dominants, we can substitute this dominant for another if we wish to add tension. The chords D-7 G7 Cmaj, can be changed to D-7 G7#9 Cmaj. This can be done as long as the dominant is resolving up a 4th to the I chord.


Source by Pete Swiderski

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Fender Telecaster – History and Actuality


If you happen to be searching the Internet, wading your way through useless information just to get essential info about which guitar you should chose, your search is over.  We happen to know which guitar you should specifically choose.  We can save you the trouble and headache of searching for it elsewhere.  If you’re looking for the best guitar available in the market, than The Fender Telecaster is perfect for you.  We have all the necessary information that you need to know about the Telecaster.  Not only that, you also discuss to you a brief historical background of this guitar, the popular guitar players who plays this model, and a little something about its specifications.  So, if you’re interested in knowing something about the best guitar in the world, (in our opinion, and perhaps the world’s opinion) we urge you to read further, because we believe that we have all the necessary things that you need to know.

The history of The Fender Telecaster.

The Fender Telecaster is probably one of the world’s most recognizable electric guitars.  It has the most simple but noticeable design that guitar players favor a lot.  It has been in the market for over 50 years and is still going strong.  Matter of fact, it is the first solid body guitar that was produced.  It provided inspiration for some of the most popular and recognizable music of the 20th century up until today.  Music like blues, RNB, rock, jazz and country music are all played on Telecasters.

The Telecaster was accidentally created by Leo fender while he was experimenting with guitar amplification.  He created a crude solid body guitar model just to test his early pickup designs.  When he tried playing it, he noticed that the solid body prototype produce the tone that was remarkably outstanding.  Eventually, local musicians from all over the place noticed the potential of the guitar and that encouraged him to create a solid body electric guitar.  Thus, The Fender Telecaster was born.

It was initially named esquire and then it was changed to broadcaster.  But because of the claim that the Gretsch Company made about it being a trademark violation because it was too similar with regard to their broadcaster drums.  So in 1952 the first commercial versions of these Telecasters were released.  Until now, the Telecasters are still the longest running solid body electric guitar that is still in production.

The Fender Telecaster has a noticeably bright piercing tone that cuts through almost any frequency range.  That is why the unique sound that is easily recognizable by guitar players and fanatics of fender Telecasters are favored by legendary guitar players such as: Eric Clapton, jimmy page, Keith Richards, Jeff beck, Danny Gatton, Steve cropper, book Owens, and James Burton.  Today, The Fender Telecaster has branched out many different models.  Some of this is the American Standard, Telecaster deluxe, Telecaster junior, Telecaster plus, Telecaster Thinline, and not to mention the numerous Telecaster signature models series.  Amongst these models, vintage Telecasters are the most expensive ones.  But you could also choose the cheaper ones which is also good.


Source by Michael Corleone

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